About The Greenly Guide


The Greenly Guide was created because what we put on and into our bodies matters.  The long list of ingredients on the back of the products you use are no longer to be ignored, but to be heavily considered and researched.

After several months and many hours of research, I realized that it wasn’t that easy to find products with actual clean ingredients.  Internet searches for organic beauty or non-toxic health and beauty items yielded only results for the brands who have made it appear that they are using natural ingredients, but in fact are far from it.  It wasn’t until I started connecting with others who were concerned with healthier alternatives that I finally started to learn what ingredients to avoid and what brands were actually leading the natural and green industry!

After creating list after list and visiting countless websites, I decided that I wanted a place where all of the information I had found could be compiled and shared in one place.

The Greenly Guide is a comprehensive clean living resource and directory where you can search hundreds of brands through our A-Z Brand Directory to find healthier alternatives in the categories of green beauty and skincare, healthier home and personal care products and sustainable eco fashion.  We did the research to get you started on your journey and hope we can also provide you the resources and encouragement to make this a permanent change.

Whether you are looking to clean out all of your drawers and start fresh, or are just looking to make a few healthy swaps, we support you and want to help!

Contact us with any questions you have!  Enjoy the website and share it with your friends! We hope to help you on your journey to living GREENLY!

Thank you for stopping by!


Founder of The Greenly Guide