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Brand Profile and Interview with Stephanie Greenwood of Bubble & Bee Organic

In the fast-growing green marketplace, it is becoming common to see products stamped with popular buzz words such as “100% Natural” or “Non-Toxic”, but how can you be sure which ones to trust, and which are guilty of greenwashing?  With a company like Bubble & Bee Organic, who is featured on the blog today, all it […]

Guest Post: Discovering a world of natural perfumes with Trish of Scent Hive

Scents are very powerful.  They can evoke powerful memories and bring us back to a very specific moment in our lives.  As a young girl, I can remember the smell of my mother and grandmother’s perfume and waiting for the day when I could choose my very own fragrances to wear.  Sadly though, many of the […]

Exploring Etsy: Florida Scrub

From a civil engineer to a stay at home mom, Marci, owner of the Etsy shop Florida Scrub, always had an interest in ingredients and the process of soap making.  After realizing that her red and irritated skin was the result of the harsh hand washes she had been using, Marci began experimenting with her […]

Brand Profile and Interview with Lydia Diaz of WEBA Naturals

Sometimes when negative events happens in our lives, it is easy to sit back and feel sorry for ourselves.  This was not the case for Lydia.  When she lost her job, she saw it as an opportunity to fulfill her dream of becoming a business owner, and through her passion, WEBA Naturals was born. After […]

Guest Post: A seasonal skincare update for Spring + 2 simple DIY recipes

With Spring just around the corner, we are so excited to share with you today this amazing seasonal skincare focused guest post by blogger, Sarah Price.  She is addressing important skincare items and how she transitions her products from Winter to Spring. She has also created two quick and easy DIY skincare recipes to help […]